Eco Yoga Park

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Argentina via kindly anonymous
isevar [at] speedy [dot] com [dot] ar

Usually the minimum required time for volunteers is one month. Some of our volunteers can only stay for a few weeks, and we accept short stays on a person by person basis. Volunteers are allowed to stay at Eco Yoga Park for as long as they wish.
We welcome everyone who wants to come and help us to improve this world in a better world.
Hatha yoga: You will see how this type of yoga sets the model of a healthy, relaxed and flexible body, living the experience of having both mind and senses in harmony connected. The natural space for you to practice Hatha Yoga is available and will help your body and soul, to be connected with your inner voice. Agriculture and vegetarian food: Agriculture is a real responsibility, and here we are trying to implement it to perfection. The organic vegetable is part of a good nutrition, you will learn about its natural process, and then you can teach others how to do it, and how to protect environment. Agro conscience is fundamental to our team, because these foods are later used for cooking vegetarian food, in our restaurant and they taste great! The violence-free diet allows you to develop greater compassion for all living entity. Life Philosophy: Vaisnava expositions are performed daily in a dynamic way. The main purpose of these classes is that it is possible to learn what you can do in order to perform a great service to humanity. Conscious Art: The Eco Yoga Parks offers the opportunity of learning conscious art surrounded by one of the most incredible sights of Buenos Aires, and if you want to learn more about conscious art, you can. In this Eco Farm you will learn music, painting, among others. Art aligned with the purpose of consciousness has tremendously beneficial cultural value.
usd12 a day or usd320 a month

The Eco Yoga Park is located at 60 km from Buenos Aires city and at 10 from General Rodriguez city, into a unique rural environment that allows you to be connected with nature and your inner self. Route 24, km48,900, Argentina

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