Hacienda Tranquila Bio station

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Ecuador via kindly anonymous
Geovanny Sarigu
haciendatranquila [at] gmail [dot] com

Hacienda Tranquila is a place commited to conserving the rich biosphere of the Galapagos; it relies on the work of the volunteers. Important characteristic is that it tackles environmental and social problems as one.

Minimum of 2 weeks
Spanish is not a requirement, experience in biology / conservation activities is not a requirement.
Volunteers work in a controlled plot of land to eliminate introduced/ invasive plant species and to restore native and endemic species, growing the plants first in a greenhouse, and then transplanting them to their permanent locations. Volunteers also assist in community projects, such as burying a new water pipeline for the local community. In addition, they mentor children from INFA, working with them in hippo-therapy, gardening, environmental education, and fieldtrips to the Bio station.
2 Weeks 240 USD and 4 Week 320 USD.

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La Casa Verde, Isla San Cristobal, Ecuador

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