Volunteers in Community Development Kenya (VICDK)

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Nairobi, Kenya via kindly anonymous
chriscivs [at] yahoo [dot] com

Volunteers in Community Development Kenya (VICDK) it is a charitable, non-profit, non-political, non-religious volunteer organization since 2008.VICDK has been running volunteer programs in Kenya for community support and cultural exchanges. Programs are available year-round in the areas of English teaching, orphanage, conservation work, health, and many more as per the interest of volunteers. We give both technical and non-technical support to deprived communities and organizations. Our objective is to stimulate local development initiatives for vulnerable people in desperate situations. We aim to promote individual, community, and environmental and sociological empowerment by educating using an inclusive, multicultural mentality. We address all races, religions and sexes equally, and try to strengthen the human bond through creating friendship and understanding of each other. We believe our unique approach begins a peaceful, respectful and loving attitude, which will benefit the people’s rights, the people’s self-belief and the people’s progression. VICDK It is managed by a board of directors who are experienced in the areas of social work, education, business management, finance and accounting, psychology, environmental health,counseling,community development and law among others.

4 Weeks or more
Work expected: Care of displays and animals, classifying artifacts.Accommodation: Project institution/ Local family homesExpected level of interaction: Work together with the staff and volunteers.
250 €

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Shankardass House, 3rd Floor - Suite 309, Nairobi, Kenya

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